Our Trusted Partners


The VSA Capital Corporate team provides a range of financial advisory and broking services. They have extensive experience advising on a wide range of public and private transactions across multiple sectors especially capital markets transactions in both London and internationally.

With offices in Shanghai they have developed strong relationships with companies, investors and advisers throughout mainland China, Hong Kong and South East Asia.

VSA Capital is also offering Fixed Income Services to its clients. With the use of internally generated models and relative value analysis they can identify the best risk/reward opportunities for their clients.


Pure Reports gives clarity to investors ensuring they have a better understanding of the crypto asset offering when making a decision. Their services can also be used by companies that want to issue a crypto asset. 

Through their due diligence process, they identify strengths and weaknesses, giving the respective company a detailed but concise report on where they believe they need to improve in order to attract investment.

The people behind Pure Reports have been successfully analyzing and investing in bond new issues and equity IPO’s for many years. They believe that whether they are looking at investing in a bond, equity or crypto asset offering a lot of the mechanics are similar. Their investment criteria are based on previous successful strategies developed through other asset classes but with a “fresh” twist. They understand this new market has different dynamics and have accounted for factors such as Hype, Market Penetration and Disruptive potential while also implementing traditional valuation methods which are modernized to account for the new era of companies. 


Simplicity is the key to our process. It doesn't need to be hard or cumbersome.

/  Andy Charalambous | CO-FOunder  /