Our Services

BENJIAMI provides a range of services to bring investors and blockchain projects together while providing guidance from the early stages of the project until the final listing.


Our research team provides in-depth analysis for our clients about the blockchain space. Covering areas such as token-economics, valuation and market outlook our research reports help new crypto assets achieve a better understanding about the space they are entering. This creates a solid foundation as to the issues and trends of the industries and markets. The reports provide a better insight to the reader by uncovering threats and presenting opportunities along the way. This provides a better more transparent experience for both the firm and the potential customers of the firm.

Community Building

Getting noticed is as important as the product itself. We build the community from scratch, ensuring that it is real and involved in the product that is offered by our clients. Greater exposure within the blockchain community will lead to better results.

Benjiami has carefully selected experienced individuals in the fields of traditional finance, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. We offer tailored solutions and guidance to our clients entering or already in the blockchain space.

We are able to offer guidance on financial and administrative elements of a crypto assets. Finally we can also assist in selecting other relevant advisors such as lawyers, accountants, software engineers etc.



We are in direct contact with various London based cryptocurrency exchanges that are ready to list our clients.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Working alongside clients to determine needs and deliverables

  • Gather and analyze information to formulate the whitepaper

  • Analyze data through the utilization of mathematical and statistical techniques for token economics

  • Advise on social media presence

  • Conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis and develop reports to communicate effectively crypto asset information

  • Corporate finance services

  • Exchange listing


Benjiami stands for experience, guidance and simplicity

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