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BENJIAMI is a leading boutique blockchain investment house located in the City of London that provides a wide range of services to firms looking to enter the blockchain space. With connections spanning the globe we have a diversified investor base and years of expertise. Our aim is to leverage our global links for the benefit of our clients.



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Andrew Monk

Andrew has over 30 years’ experience in the City, working at Hoare Govett ABN AMRO for 11 years, before founding Oriel Securities (with the backing of the Vitol Group) and then becoming CEO of Blue Oar Plc

During this time, he has built up strong relationships with many major institutional investors in London and Asia

Andrew acquired VSA Capital in 2010 and has repositioned VSA as a leading investment bank for growth companies, alongside having a unique focus on taking western companies to China



Andy is the CEO and founder of Pure Reports, Ramek Asset Management and Lonpro UK Plc. With over 27 years of financial markets trading and sales experience, Andy is a serial entrepreneur who has invested in most asset classes during his career.

He has been following and investing in the blockchain growth over the last few years and is looking to apply City style approach to this exciting new world.




Adonis Zachariades

Adonis has a Masters in Investment Analysis from Stirling University with majors in Economics and Finance. His diverse skillset and blockchain knowledge acquired during his studies and during his time with Pure Reports make him a perfect candidate for the BENJIAMI team. Adonis is also an investment analyst specialising in blockchain technology for Pure Reports.


George Manousios

Graduated from ICMA Business School in 2011 having completed his Masters Degree in Financial Risk Management. He is the Chief Investment Officer at Ramek Asset Management based in the City of London.  With over 6 years financial markets investment and analysis experience in fixed income, new issues and equity IPO’s George brings a range of experience to BENJIAMI. 


At Benjiami we aim to provide traditional experience into a new modern market

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